New Rate Prices

*Please contact the office for availablility before booking.

These prices are for black (mono), colour adverts will be given at no extra charge when capacity permits.

Although every effort will be made to meet advertisers wishes, the publishers do not accept responsibility for innaccuracies in advertisements or in consequences arising.
Furthermore, the publishers do not accept any responsibility for one or more of a series of advertisements being omitted for any cause whatsoever nor do they guarantee the insertion of any advertisement on a specified date, or in a specified section of the paper. They reserve the right to amend or omit or reclassify or suspend any advertisement previously ordered without giving a reason or prior notice to the advertiser.
No responsibility is accepted for the loss or damage to copy, or error in the printing.
It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure conformity with current legislation. All advertisements are accepted in good faith.
Placing an order with THE SWIFT FLASH will signify acceptance of the above conditions.
Griffindale Limited will refund money against any bookings for advertising for future issues (i.e. not the forthcoming issue) that has been already been paid for. When placing and paying for an advertisement for the forthcoming issue, it is understood that, because each advertisement is customised to the advertiser’s requirements and because of our production deadlines, no refund will be made for cancellations after the Thursday before publication.

Please choose which advertising option you would like to book and pay for. Once payment has been made through RBS WorldPay you will be redirected to the New Advertising Submission Form to enter your advert details.

Please Note: All advertising options marked with an * above must be checked for availability before booking, please call 01455 557486 to check availability.
We only accept Pounds Sterling - £

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